Benji Bananas Mod Apk 2022 Latest Version (Unlimited Bananas)

Benji bananas mod apk is a fun loving game. You will have to play the role of a Benji monkey. The Benji monkey loves bananas and swings by the ropes to get those bananas here and there every time. Also, the more banjo collects the bananas, the more they get rewarded. You will get different experiences o beautiful places as the Benji will swing in the jungle, mountains, lakes, and many more. You will have a great chance to check out your swing skills and make them enhanced. Not only the fun, but you will also have some challenges over there collecting the bananas.

As Benji likes to swing and jump from one rope to another. You must be careful that these would not only ne the safety ropes. Some would be the snakes, some would be burning cords, and some would get you fell. With these challenges, you will get some power boosters to unlock. Like flying rockets, boats, and many more to travel quickly and get yourself much protected by dangers. This game will make you much un-stressed compared to fighting and racing games. Get yourself enjoyed now by downloading this monkey banana game now. You may also try Project Qt Mod Apk.

Benji Bananas Mod Apk
Benji Bananas Mod Apk


Application NameBenji Bananas Mod Apk
Size32.32 Mb

Benji Bananas Mod Apk Gameplay


The mod version of Benji bananas has simple and funny gameplay. I mean, playing the monkey’s role is no less than fun. You will get the part of the Benji monkey, who loves bananas, and swing over ropes to collect them. There would be nothing complicated to understand. Follow the screens given controls and use them according to the requirement.

Features of Benji Bananas Mod Apk

Features of Benji Bananas Mod Apk
Features of Benji Bananas Mod Apk

Attractive graphics


When it’s about something funny, Users must also want something attractive, Benji bananas not only give a funny experience but users also get attracted to its colorful and excellent graphics. This fun and attraction make its users get to indulge in the gaming environment.

Multiple challenges

Not only fun but there would be multiple challenges as well as Benji swings by the ropes. These all would not be safe. Some are snakes, and some are fire ropes. So you will have to be cautious and take the suitable rope. In all that, you will be allotted a tie to complete the mission.

Multiple missions

You will be given multiple missions in banana Benji. To win the assignments, you will have to complete them on time. Be careful about the ropes you swing and collect the bananas as much as possible.

Get the power boosters.

As you get upgraded to the new level. You will get the flying rocket to make travel easy and collect the bananas. These power boosters would be different according to the locations.

Get yourself different skins

Benji would be allowed to get unique skins as much as he collects the bananas and accomplish the missions. 


You can add up your friends with you to play. It would be pretty helpful for you to collect more bananas. You will be given three modes to play in this game.

Multiple lands

You will get the experience of different landscapes. Like in the jungle to swing, on the mountains to fly on the rocket booster, and float on the river. These all would give you a fantastic experience.

Get rewarded

The more you collect the bananas, the more you will be rewarded. This will upgrade you and help you get the power boosters and many more to accomplish your mission quickly.

Explore the landscapes

The farther you go and explore. The more you will be highly scored and easy it to get upgraded.

Play online

You can play the Benji bonanza mod apk online to get the best features to access.

Critical features of Benji Bananas Mod Apk

  • Collect unlimited bananas.
  • Multiple missions.
  • Empower the boosters.
  • Multiple modes.
  • Different landscapes.
  • Hack version.

How to Download the Benji Bananas Mod Apk

How to Download the Benji Bananas Mod Apk
How to Download the Benji Bananas Mod Apk
  • The link on our site should be clicked to download the apk file.
  • Now go to the settings and make unknown resources activated.
  • Open the downloaded file.
  • Tap to get it installed
  • As it gets completed, open the game and enjoy.

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  • Bandi banana
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  •  Banana shooter
  •  Shorter banana fish
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  •  Ash banana fish voice actor

Benji Bananas Mod Apk Conclusion

The game offers you unlimited fun and excitement. Playing the role of Benji monkey and collecting the bananas as much as possible. You will face multiple challenges and get eternal rewards by winning the missions. Add up your friends and play with them in multiplayer modes and high scores to upgrade yourself. This makes you remember your childhood games that were so stress-releasing and funny. Make that time memorized by downloading the Benji bananas mod apk.

Benji Bananas Mod Apk FAQs

Can this game be played offline?

No, you can play this game online.

Is this game safe to play?

Yes, Benji bananas mod apk is entirely safe to play.

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