Bomb Squad Mod Apk Free 2022 Latest Version [Mod, Unlocked]

Bomb Squad mod APK is an easily recognized game where players or groups aim to eliminate the opposing party by throwing bombs at them. It sounds simple, but it is difficult to calculate the distances and directions and the speed at which the opponent plays the game.

Bomb Squad Mod Apk
Bomb Squad Mod Apk


Application NameBomb Squad Mod Apk

Features of the Game

Features of the Game
Features of the Game

These are the key features of this game:


Just like one of the core features of any other application, the ease to play a game or make use of this app is also its’ basic feature. Bomb squad delivers on its user interface because many people can’t be described as avid gamers or gamers who have the minimal technical knowledge to play such a game. This makes it more accessible to all users.


This feature allows users to choose the battleground that suits their needs. You can also create or modify characters using the app.

Unlimited tickets free of charge

When playing the game, players have the chance to get unlimited tickets for no cost. This gives them an exclusive gaming experience. You can use it to buy anything to gain an advantage over others.


Equipped with android TV connectivity, it allows users to entertain themselves and have the opportunity to play on a big screen. This allows for a great gaming experience.

There are many modes to choose from, and This makes the game more exciting for players.

Connectivity with online servers

The game also features connectivity to an online server, allowing multiple players to enjoy thrilling gameplay. This allows up to 8 players concurrently to play the game. The game allows you to play offline against your competitor.

Play via a private hotspot

When the internet connectivity is poor, the private hotspot allows you to continue the game.

Features of the Game Version of the Game

Features of the Game Version of the Game
Features of the Game Version of the Game

There are many types of the game that you can play, as shown below.

  • Unlimited Health Mod- This mod gives players unlimited health and allows them to have fun. Imagine yourself dying in the game as you get closer to victory. This mod can be used to make you invincible.
  • Endless bomb mode- With the availability of unlimited bombs, users can maximize their chances of never running out of ammo. The advantage will continue to be followed by always having the edge over your competitor player, regardless of what game mode they are playing.
  • Unlimited tickets unlock characters and new battlefields in the bomb squad, and the player will need the tickets. This is used to purchase bombs, restore health, and many other purposes. This mod allows unlimited ticket availability, allowing the user to utilize the game’s features fully.
  • All characters not unlocked- With the mod’s availability, users will present all characters within the game. You can customize the characters to your liking to give the game a personal touch.


The bomb squad Mod Apk allows you to decrease the time it takes to unlock different difficulty levels. It’s the key feature that unlocks the game allows gamers to continue playing it. This allows them to have an infinite experience. In addition, you have unlimited coins and tickets, which gives you an edge over other players. The cracked version is the best option if you’re looking for a happy gaming experience.

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