Bully Anniversary Edition APK v1.0.0.18 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Information/description of the game

Bully Anniversary Edition APK offers a fun and rewarding experience for android users. It features a game that’s full of irony, home, scream, and scream. You play as a 15-year-old boy named Jimmy Hopkins.

The main task of the game is to organize rallies for teachers, defeat enemies and hooligans, and win the hearts of sweet girls. It is a thrilling game with high-resolution graphics and fascinating gameplay.

Gameplay/ Features

High-quality graphics – While playing the game, players and gamers will see high-resolution textures, shadow effects, particle effects, and dynamic lighting. You will be able to see extraordinary beautiful graphics. It is a soothing experience that players will feel while playing the game.

A variety of mini-games – Players will have the opportunity to play multiple mini-games while playing the game. The entire bully story will be told to the players. They will need to complete extra missions, meet characters, and discover and play mini-games along with unlockable objects.

The exciting gameplay – This game is fun because of the plot. It allows you to explore and learn about the private boarding school. You can even get more joy when you, as a player, take part in the wars between school gangs. You’ll need first to stand up for bullies and get selected by school teachers as Jimmy. Then, you can play exciting pranks, beat the ball jocks at dodge, and win the girl’s heart.

Multiplayer gaming opportunity – This is when you have the chance to play with other people around the world in a new mode. These are the games that will attract you and help to improve your skills.

The games have an intuitive touch control system that allows for contextual buttons to be added when necessary. This system of control allows gamers and players to spend less time getting to know each other.

Customer Support – For players who want high-resolution displays, the team offers endless native support.

Highlight the APK

Bully Anniversary Edition APK was created to help and maintain control of the 15-year-old Jimmy, the core game character. It highlights the many lessons that can be learned from the mini-games. This adventure game is a great way to start your high school career. This makes it exciting and inspiring.

The most recent version of the game has the Android nine support that demonstrates the significant improvement in graphics. The game’s gameplay will be redesigned upon the game’s update.


Game lovers will not resist the temptation to add it to their game list when making a decision. It is free to download, and you can enjoy the game on your Android devices. Have you already downloaded the mobile version of the game to your android device? Please share your experiences with us below in the comments box!

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