Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK v2.11 Download

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Dragon Ball Legends v2.11 Ultra Mod [High Damage] Download

Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK

Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK is one of the most exciting action fighting game. It is one of my favorite games of all time. This game is developed by Bandai Namco which is also the developer of the Tekken Series. Their games are always amazing. This game gets the general idea from the infamous Anime series Dragon Ball Z. All of the anime characters are there. That too is an amazing anime series. There are several enemies who do the heroes have to destroy.

You can also choose any character you want rather it is a bad one. This is an amazing game as you can fight opponents like other players and also the CPU. The graphics of this game is really amazing. The developers made sure that they resembles the main anime saga. Those who are a fan of Dragon Ball Anime Series which I am, might have played this game once in a lifetime. This is what makes it interesting, their animated graphics resembling the main Anime Series

Hence this is an overall outstanding game in which you can fight. Basically it is a mobile version of the Tekken Series with animated anime graphics and the best and most powerful characters in the entire universe. You can shoot Ki at your opponents. You can punch and kick and also release energy balls which does a high level of damage.

Overview Information:

Name:Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK
Publisher:Bandai Namco
Requires:Android 6.0+

Advanced Features Of Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK:

  • This is a professional game for gamers.
  • It enhances the skills of gamers.
  • It has different maps.
  • You have to complete different missions.
  • It has free fighting among multiple enemies.
  • You can play it as a single player.
  • In this mode, you have to play against the other 8 gamers.
  • You can connect it to Facebook.
  • You can invite your friends. And play by making a squad.
  • You can polish your gaming skills.
  • You can enhance your look in front of your friends and game mates.
  • The more you play you can increase your level.
  • You can see your rank on the leaderboard.
  • If you get eliminated by the enemy you can still play another round
  • You can rotate your self in the game anywhere you want.
  • Also, You can guide your friends.
  • You have a bundle of exotic abilities.
  • You can shoot Ki to the enemies.
  • There is a button to shoot energy balls to the opponent.
Dragon Ball Legends APK

New Updated Features In Dragon Ball Legends v2.11:

In its latest version, you can get:

  • It provides Unlimited coins and gems.
  • Now you get the pack after every game.
  • Now it is available in different languages.
  • You can change it and play it.
  • If you got killed. You can play another round.
  • New abilities are added.
  • The visuals and sound are enriched now.
  • Now it gives the technology of the future world.


  • This is a video game to enjoy yourself
  • It is a top-rated game.
  • You can add a different boost to your suits.
  • There are different abilities for different maps and missions.
  • You can adjust the pin, Sensitivity, and power level in the settings.
  • This game gives relief to your aggressive nature.
  • You can customize the game on your own.
  • You can set your own rules, gaming map, etc.
  • It can be played on gaming consoles and smartphones.

Why Is Dragon Ball Legends Better Than Others?

This is the first action video game on android which resembles Tekken. In which there are many enemies and hidden secrets. All you want to install this game and having an internet connection. You can get a login to your account anywhere from any device. But if you are offline you can also enjoy single-player mode. Dragon Ball Legends Full APK gives you a relaxing and enjoyable environment. It is easily available on Google store. The visuals and sound quality of this game are different from others.

Enjoying gameYou need to upgrade in a limited time
Beautiful and interactive graphicsInstallation process is somehow tricky.
Power Sound effects
Smooth running of this game make it different
Exciting game for fighting lovers
Different anonymous people play with you

Download Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK for Android

You can buy unlimited gems and coins. It is gaming back for the players. You can impress your friends and become cool in front of them. And it’s not illegal to use this mod. It 100% safe to play. It is a lightweight gaming application. Dragon Ball Legends is one of the best action games on the internet. Almost every gamer has played this game at least once in their lifetime. This is an epic fighting game!

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