Dragon Village Mod APK Latest Version v13.40 (Unlimited Money)

As we can see by the name of Dragon Village Mod APK, this means this game works in the concept of dragon village. Here, you can build your dragon village as per your interest. Different dragons you can create through the various breeds or crosses. There is a little bit of confusion in science about existence of a dragon on earth was real or not. But there are lots of dragons in the artificial world, and you also have experience in movies. So don’t miss the fantasy of dragons. Go and get install Dragon Village Mod APK.

As we already said, dragon life is a fantasy for the current modern era. In real life, there is no dragon, but in the artificial world, dragons are there. Dragons are unique animals with unique powers. They attract lots of people because of their rareness.

So, Dragon Village Mod APK, you can create your dragon world. And you also can set some dragon qualities through the cross or breeds. It all depends on the player’s interest. If you are interested in the dragon world, then Dragon Village Mod APK is for you. You can create and build the world of dragons efficiently. It will be a very interesting thing for you if you are interested in the fantasy life of dragons. You may also like Zero City Mod APK.

Dragon Village Mod APK

 Dragon Village Mod APK Gameplay

Dragon Village Game is unique due to the dragon. Yes, this is crazy to build the fantasy means, build a village full of the dragon. In real life, this isn’t possible to create or make that type of village. But the gameplay of dragon village is much crazy and beautiful and easy to handle and use. It is crazy to build the dragon village, and you can also categorize your dragon means. You can differentiate your dragon based on powers like Windpower, Firepower, Ice power, and many others. So, Dragon Village Game is a very interesting game that is unusual compared to other games.

Dragon Village Mod APK App Features:


To have a new dragon with new and unique qualities, you have to get an egg from the shop with the help of a reward achieved in Dragon Village Mod APK. You can use different techniques to get another dragon. So, in this way, you can create another village of the dragon with other powers.


Graphics is an important part of the game in this new modern age of technology. So, Dragon Village Old Version is not compromised even in 2D Graphics. Dragon village gives its users the best graphics in 2D and attractive colorful visuals.

 Free to Play

One of the difficulties for any usual gamer is to extract the game that has no cost or amount to play. So, it is very hard to find out that type of game with such features, but the Dragon Village Old Version is completely quite 100% free of cost, and you have not need to pay any price to play Dragon Village.

Technical issues Solved

All the technical issues and in-games issues are resolved now within Dragon Village Mod Menu with the help of an update. Every update fixes the problems and makes the game perfect and fluent to play.


In the Dragon Village Mod Menu, rewards and achievements depend on completing the goals. As for an increase in difficulty levels, the worth of the prize also increases.

Highly Addiction: Due to the fantasy of dragons and different high-level goals, the beautiful world of dragons and unique levels, and the crossing and breeding between dragons, all these elements cause an increase in the level of addiction. Brightness and delightful visuals also attract the gamer.


Sound and Music are also the main part of the game. Music helps the player enjoy the game. Dragon Village uses its amazing sound quality to impress the gamer.

How to Download Dragon Village Mod APK

  • To get Dragon Village Cheats Diamonds, you need to follow the instructions below.
  • To start the Download of the Dragon Village Cheats Diamonds, you will have to click the link we have mentioned below.
  • And then, while the Dragon Village Cheats Diamonds download completes, you can go to the settings of your Android devices.
  • After that, you will find the settings for the security of your devices.
  • Open it, and then you need to enable the basic option.
  • That basic option is Unknown sources, and it is very important to enable it to allow your device to install our Dragon Village Unlimited Gems.
  • Further, you can move to the installation of Dragon Village Unlimited Gems by clicking the downloaded file.
  • And then, there will be some instructions you need to follow to have the final steps for finishing the Dragon Village Unlimited Gems installation.


Dragon Village Mod APK Unlocked Everything is a game app where you can build a world of the dragon as per your interest. You can breed them to get a new and unique dragon with unique powers. You can make a fantasy world of dragons that is impossible in real life. If you are interested in dragon fantasy, go and install Dragon Village Mod APK Unlocked Everything.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Q 1: How to make sure that the mod version of Dragon Village Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gems is safe for our smart devices?

Ans: Yes, we make sure that the mod version of Dragon Village Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gems is completely safe for your smart devices.

Q 2: How much money will we get in the mod version of the Dragon Village Mod APK?

Ans: In the mod version of Dragon Village Mod APK, you will get unlimited money to access anything freely in the game.

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