ePSXe APK Latest Version v2.0.15

ePSXe APK is made for assistance to the gamers, and before the modern era of gadgets, it was described means ePSXe as the port for the PC gaming. But after lots of new inventions about gadgets, meaning smart devices, phones tablets, there was a problem with gaming on them. So, ePSXe APK assists players in playing on smart devices easily with smooth control.

ePSXe APK also has two game modes, PSOne and PSX. This app is developed to full fil the gaming requirement of the gamers on their smart gadgets. Moreover, it provides its users with a smooth touch to play and a compatibility mode to enhance the gameplay. And ePSXe APK plays a professional role for their users to enhance their expertise in gaming. So, don’t waste your time. Come and install the ePSXe APK for your android devices.

Moreover, this app also cares about visuals and control. ePSXe for Android provides help to enhance the visual quality of the game. You can also adjust that feature according to their need and interest. Furthermore, it also provides you with a good sound system because sound also impacts the game. Good sounds attract unusual players to play the game. Here options are given to users about sound speed, frequency, and intensity, and you can adjust as per your interest.

ePSXe for Android also plays a role in giving the video dimensions. This software will stretch your screen image full while you turn your game to landscape mood. If the image quality becomes bad, you will have to manage its visuals manually. It will also play a role in providing good graphics to its users to experience the best from this app. You can also try Hungry Shark Mod APK.


ePSXe APK App Features:


ePSXe Emulator Android has version 2.0.15 and requires a minimum of android 2.3 with 256 Mb RAM. Still, it could be better for the user should have android 7.0 with 512 Mb of RAM for better response and result from ePSXe EmulatorEmulator Android.


ePSXe APK for Android has three modes.

1st Portrait Mode: in this mode, the user has a smooth touchscreen pad on the bottom of the screen.

2nd Landscape Mode: here, the user has multi digitalization of a configurable touchscreen pad.

3rd Full-Screen Mode: The user has an almost 4:3 stretched screen in this mode. And you can also remove extra blank bands here.

Sound Quality

ePSXe APK for Android provides a very fine sound quality to its users. This software supports all the PSX sound systems like intensity, frequency, speed, noise, and interpolation. It all depends on your device and how powerful the device you are using.


ePSXe Gold APK gives various touchscreen control and supports digital and analog controls. The user can switch both modes as per interest. You can customize both modes as per requirements. This software supports almost six more touchscreen buttons for the requirement.

Hardware Buttons

ePSXe for Android Free Download also tends to use the hardware buttons in smart gadgets, and it also can be used with an external pad. ePSXe for Android Free Download also enhances the mapping buttons as additional functions like load/save and disable/enable. These functions tend the app to reach the height of success.


Every user must have a wish to shortcut to enhance their level in the game and get the desired position as soon as possible. So, ePSXe Gold APK also supports built-in cheat codes. If you want to get the cheats’ code, you must download the codes first and then replace them on your smart device. After that, you can enjoy the game’s more fun with cheats.


ePSXe also supports almost 90+ of the PSX games and 4500+ different games. Some supporting games are as follows;


  • Dragon Warrior IV/ VII
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Colin Mc Rae 1/2
  • Gran Turismo ½


This software, ePSXe, also supports or is compatible with other plugins to enhance the gameplay. In this app, some features are not limited. If you are interested in having that kind of thing, there is no need to go anywhere. Go to the internet and install the ePSXe.

How to Download ePSXe for Android APK

  • Tap the ePSXe Emulator Android APK + Bios download button below the website.
  • And then you will get started.
  • Then to let the device install ePSXe Emulator Android APK + Bios, you need to enable the primary option from the settings.
  • And then move to the security settings. By scrolling down the screen, you will see unknown sources.
  • Please help it move further to the ePSXe 1.8.0 Cheats downloaded file.
  • Then after getting the ePSXe 1.8.0 Cheats installation started, you will find some instructions to follow.
  • Follow them to install ePSXe 1.8.0 Cheats on your mobile device.


ePSXe Emulator Android is used as an app for Playstation emulator in which you will be able to play heavier games easily. Here, you can also change the sound system’s visual features and set them as per your interest. This app can also provide good control to its users to play the game easily. It is full of interesting things like caring about visuals, providing help with good graphics and sound, and giving the option to play more than one player. So, don’t waste your time downloading ePSXe Emulator Android and enjoying the multi-experience.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Q 1: Is the ePSXe APK for Android safe to download on any Android device?

Ans: Yes, ePSXe APK for Android is safe to download on any Android device as it is free of any security hazards you are worried about.

Q 2: Is the ePSXe Gold APK available with all the prime features unlocked?

Ans: Yes, ePSXe Gold APK is available with all the prime features unlocked on our mod version of this app. 

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