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Hunter Assassin MOD APK is an of kind game that allows you to strategize and secure as many more kills as you possibly can. The more kills that you secure, the better because that many more gems
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Hunter Assassin MOD APK

Hunter Assassin MOD APK A PVP game that uses the visual acoustic and all kinds of senses in the game to allow you to secure maximum kills. You will have seemingly easy to understand and easy-to-use controls that will make sure that you get the chance to not just secure more kills but also make sure that you get the chance to the most perfect gameplay with the easy-to-understand and simple features of the game. You are basically operating through a bird’s eye vision to attack your enemies through a maze. Make swift attacks and kill your opponents to take the rewards that you can get. This makes sure that you can have the best of the best time in this gameplay. The targets with the automatic machine guns will be lurking around in the shadows and you need to make sure that you get the chance to the perfect shot. The more assassins you kill the many more gems you will be able to collect to unlock the faster and better assassin. So play your chances in this maze and hide and kill your way to the better and faster assassin being unlocked.

Block Craft 3D Gameplay

In this game you will start playing as a serial killer, you will hunt down your targets and take your shot at them. You will have to make sure that secure the most kills and collect the most gems while avoiding the obstacles that will arrive in your way as part of the maze. Protect yourself from the flash light and make sure that you protect yourself from the vehicles as well , remember that you need to stay anonymous while securing more and more kills throughout the game. The more gems you collect the closer you are to being the ultimate assassin of all time. The more gems that you will collect that much more options that you will have to get a better hero till eventually you will go through all the different levels and will have unlocked all the different assassin’s that will help you secure more and more ore better and better kills. When you have the entire collection of assassins you will ultimately have more of a say in how you decide to kill your enemies and try out new tricks.

Features of the Game:


The game revolves around the fact that you need to get as many kills as humanly possible so make sure that you focus on getting more and more kills anonymously and with each kill that you secure you will be able to collect a set of gems. These gems will ultimately help make sure that you get a chance at getting a better champion and making sure that you get better chances at securing more kills


There are certain items in the maze that you will have to avoid like the flashing light or perhaps the anonymous vehicles that will be crossing by your vehicle every now and then. You need to make sure that you secure as many kills as is humanly possible without being found by these items at all.


This is a subscription that will allow you to make sure that you can access the premium features of the game, You will get 100% kill guarantee in the game, a 5000 gems membership that will help you have a better kickstart and so much more

Tips To Play:

  • Make sure that you exercise patience every step of the way and do not simply charge into the maze
  • Always make sure that you are situated within open paths so that you can make a run for it and not be cornered when you don’t need to be
  • Make sure that you take on the enemies one at a time and not all at once this will ensure better kills
  • Remember that the roundabouts will make for a great takedown shot
  • Accomplish the missions and claim the diamonds swiftly after the kills

Highlight the Mod APK

The MOD APK version of this game allows you to make sure that you get the chance of the perfect gameplay with better and better features that you can utilize to get better and better overall kills.

Hunter Assassin MOD Features:


There will be no ads that will be popping up and so you will not have to be disturbed mid-game any time


The Unlocked VIP Features means that you will have more money and more opportunity to secure more kills. The VIP subscription will not be necessary and you can get all the provisions of this feature including the 5000-gem starter pack without paying anything for it.

Hunter Assassin Download Guide:

Hunter Assassin MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MOD APK safe?
Yes, it is safe and it is completely easy to download with the external sources and the file emulator that is available online
Is Hunter Assassin MOD APK free?
Yes, it is free and easy to install with external sources online and the file emulators that will allow you to download it on your device
How many skill levels are there in Hunter’s assassin?
There are essentially 3 skill levels in hunter assassin. These are the rookie, arcade and the ultimate
Which country has made the game hunter assassin?
Hunter’s assassin was produced in Turkey


Hunter Assassin MOD APK is an of kind game that allows you to strategize and secure as many more kills as you possibly can. The more kills that you secure, the better because that many more gems you will be taking to unlock the better and better assassin. With the MOD APK version, you will have a better chance at winning each round.

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What's new

Unlimited money so that you will be able to buy all the best assassins and secure more kills
Premium or VIP features will be unlocked for you
No ads that will be popping up or interrupting your gameplay
No root required so that you will have a chance at enjoying the game without risking your device.