Plaque Inc MOD APK Latest Version V1.18.7 (Unlocked Everything)

Plague Inc MOD APK is a game of high strategy with such realistic stimulation like no other. You are role playing as an evil scientist and are coming up with a virus that will do the job of completely erasing all of humanity. You have to make sure that your deadly virus is made to fight against everything that humanity can use to protect itself. it’s an excellent and innovative gameplay that is brilliantly executed and made to give very promising visual appeal as well as amazingly innovative features. it’s truly one of kind and explores the depths of more and more or better and better strategies that you can use to make sure that your game play is the perfect. Now this is you Vs the world type of game that takes you on a journey of the ultimate evil where you are making the conscious decision to destroy the world and you have to find the most effective way to do it. You can also try Dragon City Mod APK.

Plague Inc Mod APK

Plague Inc MOD APK Gameplay:

This game has been a global hit and maybe killing billions of people would never have been so much fun before as compared to now. This game centers around observing the reaction and collaborative efforts of the Global and international Economy which allows millions and millions of deals with a deadly Plague that you have released upon them. There is a detailed and highly realistic world at your disposal that will be telling you how the world will actually react to this situation in reality.

Moreover, the AI technology makes the game what it is. It has excellent features and an amazing overall innovation that will compel you about the promising nature of the game and more. There are 12 different disease types with different strategies that you will have to master and make sure that your disease is the most effective against all protective measures and prevention. There is complete game support for scoreboard and achievement. You may also like Adventure Capitalist Mod APK.

Plague Inc MOD APK Features:


You will be playing as a super villain and releasing a deadly virus on the earth and then you can choose from modes like the easy mode where people will die much faster from the virus than compared to when you are going to play on the difficult mode however the ultimacy of the game is that you will have to use strategy and innovation to make sure that all the people on earth die and the earth comes to an end.

Plague inc mod Apk


You will have to evolve your pathogen so that it can survive in a world of differing environmental and climatic conditions which will ultimately guide the world to an end. When your virus has done some serious damage then you will be able to evolve your virus such that it will be able to infect more people and be stronger than before. People will start researching and trying to find cures to your virus, you want to make sure that you evolve your virus to make it incurable.

Plague inc mod Apk


There are numerous amazing features of this game but perhaps one of the best is how intuitive the interface of the game is. The world is illustrated and studies in specific details and so it the overall player guide that is used.

Plague inc mod Apk


there will be no ads so you will not be interrupted mid game for your game play to be disturbed.


Every little thing that was otherwise not unlocked and not available for you to use will be available for you to use and take advantage.

Plague inc mod Apk


 App NamePlague Inc
 Latest Version1.18.7
 MOD InfoUnlimited Resources
 Get it OnGoogle Play Store

Tips To Play

  1. Remember that your main task is to spread the Plague as far and as wide as you possibly can
  2. The infections stat is the best way to achieve this and to keep an eye over the development in the world.
  3. The best way to spread the virus is to select the best evolutions first and later on transition to niche cases
  4. The best tip is to spend your points to spread the virus as much as you can and adapt to your current situation
  5. When you are making the virus make sure that you either focus on building on its strength or protecting its weakness as much as possible


  • Save the world from a novel virus emerging from the melting permafrost!
  • New Special Pandemic for Plague Inc: The Cure.
  • Race to analyse an unknown disease.
  • Adapt to the new threat with new initiatives, abilities and tactics.
  • Discover the mystery behind the Frozen Virus!

Frequently Asked Question

[su_icon_text icon=”icon: hand-o-right” icon_color=”#0062ac”]Is Plague Inc MOD APK safe? [su_spacer size=”8″] Yes, Plague Inc MOD APK is very safe and very easy to use via external sources and file emulators [/su_icon_text] [su_icon_text icon=”icon: hand-o-right” icon_color=”#0062ac”]Is Plague Inc MOD APK free? [su_spacer size=”8″] Yes, it is free and you can download it online from any source [/su_icon_text] [su_icon_text icon=”icon: hand-o-right” icon_color=”#0062ac”]Can I Evolve the Plague after I released it? [su_spacer size=”8″] Yes, you can evolve the Plague to adapt to the protective measures that treatments that are developed against it [/su_icon_text] [su_icon_text icon=”icon: hand-o-right” icon_color=”#0062ac”]Is Plague Inc Safe? [su_spacer size=”8″] Yes, it is completely safe and not very violent, it’s a strategy game [/su_icon_text] [su_icon_text icon=”icon: hand-o-right” icon_color=”#0062ac”]Will Plague Inc MOD APK unlock everything? [su_spacer size=”8″] Yes, it will and you will be able to make sure that you have all the paid features unlocked. [/su_icon_text]

Plague Inc MOD APK Conclusion

The Plague Inc MOD APK is a game that is allowed to make sure that you get the best of the bets in the game. The MOD APK version allow you to have more liberty and unlocks all paid features for you.

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