Prison Escape Mod APK Latest Version V1.1.6 (Unlimited Money)

Prison Escape Mod Apk is a unique game. The story is based on the prisoner’s boss. Rare topics are present in this game. They have many political reasons in it. It isn’t easy to do this. When a boring scene is going on, it attracts the player. Players can’t change their dress and weapons in this game like in many games. In this game, you have a prisoner’s shirt to wear. You fight with bare and other handmade weapons. It is a psychological battle. Everyone gets attracted by this game. This game had a lot of ideal struggles. In this game, you make your friends for your help. It is an action game. The player plays the role of unfortunate prison.

You can fight with the other gangster. In this game, the prison is a good citizen who is unluckily caught in an evil scheme by bad guys. Prisoners find a way to get out of prison. The prison is very innocent, and he is very friendly with other prisoners. Agencies lock the door with different codes. Prison fight with gangs to find out a way to escape. In this game, action is attractive and exciting. The developer gives a smooth character. Several people want to kill you. You can use the weapon to attack the gangster. You control the character freely in prison. Thirty exciting actions you provide to your player must be focused on in-game. Effects are present in survival mode with different challenges. We design beautiful action for players.

To discover the secret notes walk all over the prison. Please find out the escape clause to utilize them. Give a chance to yourself escape. The area of the prison is arranged, and hurdles are high. Many guards are present around the prison. In this game, characters have their personalities. Guards have different uniforms which help you to identify. Players have many weapons to fight with them. When they destroy them, then they collect a lot of money. The graphics are based on animation; everyone can love it. The graphics are realistic. Play the game now to prove your innocence. Get the most sensational and thrilling moment. You have to make a bright future for planning your escape. You can also try Terraria Mod APK.

Prison Escape Mod APK

Prison Escape Mod APK Gameplay:

Prison escape mod apk has an enormous sense of third-person action-packed fight sense. The main thing is the combat, which is an alternating hand-to-hand attack. You will need weapons such as knives, sticks, and batons to resist. Meddler is the main character of this game. He is a prisoner. In the game, you have to do lots of work. He protects those who bully the prison and the guard. He escapes to a cell to save his life. He calls and learns lots of detail. These details help you escape. You must protect yourself from the guard’s eyes and dark corners and run through the line of the guard to move from one cell to the other. You have to complete the task singly, which is connected. Everything makes there sense. The prison escape plan develops all things. He digs a tunnel to run out from the prisoner and creates an environment to kill bullies. Due to the mix of mission action and communication methods, it is difficult to name the genre for prison escape. Action game is easy to call it. There are many combat and sneak attacks here. It is a survival simulation. You have many things to do from nothing that you want. You have to keep alive in the game for a short time. The role in this game of the player is to overcome many complex traps to do so. The negative space only surrounds the cell. Two types of clothes are given in this version, one for the correctional officers and the other one for the prisoner. Character creation is good; each prisoner has their abilities with good expression. This makes the game more exciting and pushes up the excitement level. The ragdoll is also a way to increase the reality of prison escape. You have to hit and knock the opponent; he falls realistically. It is just a bare-handed battel. It is an infrequent topic in-game. There are lots of political reasons. Four walls are created in this game that makes the game sense so dull. You can use homemade weapons in this game. It is also a psychological battle. It consists of tight strategy and danger. You are a prisoner who can face the legal punishment of death. It would help if you made a perfect plan to escape yourself and find justice. You may also like Angry Birds Star Wars Mod APK.

Prison Escape Mod APK

Prison Escape Mod APK Mod Features:

Escape and search for freedom:

Prison escape mod apk is one action-adventure game. The player will play unfortunate prison. He desires to escape from there. It helps to seek from the prisoner. You must make a gang of prisoners and plan to escape from the dark prisoner.

Prison Escape

Smooth Action:

The Prison Escape is a game in which many gang boos are looking to kill you. You have to alert them. The combat is offered in this game. The game is so realistic and closer. The game is provided you with a gun, pistols, axes, daggers, and many others. You have opportunities to escape. Use skills that character has full of enemies.

Prison Escape

Unlimited Prison characters:

Prison Escape Mod apk allows the player to move around the prisoner to control the character. You have to find out the place where you dig a tunnel. You have to fight with a prisoner to run out. It consists of 30 exciting action missions. Plyer must have focused on participating in combat. The Ragdoll effect appears in survival mode.

Prison Escape

Amazing image:

You have to polish your character. The large area is arranged for the prisoner. Lots of guards are present everywhere. Prisoners are on their duties. Many weapons are equipped. You can experience the thrilling actions and moments together. You have to fight with them and destroy them to collect money. The main aim of this game is to plan it out and fight to come out and regain your freedom and prove your innocence.

Prison Escape


The Prison Escape mod apk is a pretty good 3D animation game. The context, simulation, and motion are so impressive. It is hand to hand combat phase that is so realistic and natural. Every person has their features and abilities. The negative space only surrounds the cell. The sound is so unique and natural. It is full of excitement and fun.

Prison Escape

Unlimited Money:

Unlimited money is featured in this game. You can use the money to upgrade the mission and also buy the weapons that help you in the fighting. You have to collect money after on the prisoner.

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Version History:

  • Name of app: Prison Escape Mod Apk
  • Latest Version: 1.16
  • Size: 23M
  • Updated: 24.08.21
  • Require: Android 4.1

What’s New in prison escape mod apk:

  • Bugs are fixed and improved
  • Crashes are fixed
  • 30 action-packed mission

Downloading and Installation Method:

  • First, go to our website.
  • Permit the unknown resource in your setting.
  • Enter the button for installation.
  • After completing the installation, you can play the game any time.

Prison Escape Mod APK Personal reviews:

The entire prison escape mod apk is quite good and unique. It is an action pack game. It consists of full of motion simulation and context. You can play a negative space surrounding the space. Hand-to-hand combat is given in this game. It is filled with an interacting phase of the environment. There are two types of clothes. One is for a guard, and the other is for the prisoner. Each person has their features with good expression. You have to play this game with lots of unique struggles. The creation is so good. It is a complex action game. The game’s goal is to get freedom from the prisoner and come outside and fight for your rights. You must use kitchen weapons `to save yourself from others and guards. In this game, you must dig the tunnel in the prisoner to run out. The unlimited diamonds and money is given to you that help to save your life. The character of the player is innocent.

You have fighting skills and abilities. The graphics are 3D with animation. It isn’t easy to do well, but it is also enjoyable to play. The strategy is so tuff and rare. You have to move freely and fight in the world of fighting. You can enjoy more than 30 missions in this game. You can play this game easily. The control is so reliable. You have to perfume amazing stunt in survival mode. All things are done step by step in this game. You have to save yourself from the eyes of guards and move silently from one cell to another. It gives you lots of fun factors with the unique experience of fighting.


Is this secure and safe to download?

Yes, it is fully secure and safe.

All the features are unlocked?

Yes, all the features are entirely free and unlocked.

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