Tank Stars Mod APK Latest Version v1.6.5 (Unlimited Money)

Play gendary Limited publishes Tank Star Mod APK. Here, different tanks are available to fight against the enemy. If you are interested in that type of game, go and install Tank Star Mod APK.

Tank Star Mod APK is one of the shooting games. As we know about that, the game’s name is Tank Star. As we can see, this game is based on military tanks, and these tanks’ models resemble those used in World War 2. As we also know, advanced weapons were used during World War 2. And the tanks were among the weapons used in World War 2.

So, if you are interested in the field of a tank battle, then Tank Star Mod APK is for you. Here, you have to fight against your opponent for victory. All the luxuries of the game depend on your victory and how you play? How do you handle it? How did you through the projectile missile? These parameters will decide your success and victory against the enemy. You may also like ePSXe APK.

Tank Stars Mod APK

Tank Stars Mod APK Gameplay

The gameplay of the Tank Star Mod APK is unique. In this game, features are very smooth and compatible to handle. In this game, you have to perform solo actions on the battlefield. You must have to care about the direction of your projected missile. You do not have a chance to miss the enemy’s shot or attack because a misguided missile launch could be the last mistake for you. And your enemy can destroy you in one single strike or shot.

So, you must have to play carefully with using high skills. Here, you can almost use one missile strike instead of a bullet. So, you can use a missile attack on your enemy only in necessary conditions.

Tank Star Android 1 has some points which follow;

  • If you have a low-end gadget, you can’t play the Tank Star Android 1 game. Minimum required Android 5.0 device to play freely and easily.
  • You have to carefully use missiles because you can only use one in one match.
  • In the game, you have to focus on the direction of your firing on your opponent.
  • You can fire or strike the enemy on your turn or time. You can’t attack during the turn of your enemy. So, you must have to care about your time of the strike.
  • The game also provides the offline option to practice and become stronger.

Tank Stars Mod APK App Features:


Graphics are an essential part of every game. But there are various types of graphics used according to the concept of the game. APK Tank Stars is based on 2D graphics. The simple graphics of the game put the impression of painting on users.

Free to Play

One of the big issues of people is to extract out the game which has no cost to play. So, it isn’t easy to search for that type of game with extra attractive features. But the APK Tank Stars is free of cost. You do not need to pay for play.

Technical problem Solved

All the technical concern problems and in-game issues are resolved now within this app with the help of an update. Every update resolves the issues and makes the game perfect. You do have not to be afraid. Go and install Tank Stars APK Download.


Tank Stars APK Download has two modes to play. The first is Offline the second one is online. In offline mode, you have to play with a computer or device which control by AI. You can use this mode for practice. In Online Mode, you can challenge other players and add friends.

Mod Features 

Unlocked Features 

In-Tank Mod APK, some features and tanks are locked. You have to fight first against the enemy and increase your money by winning the battle of tanks. After that, you can unlock the many tanks and unlock the great Tanks for the strong defence.


Tank Mod APK is completely 100% safe for your device, and you can install and play it without any issues like viruses and other problems.

Advantages and Disadvantages 


Highly Addiction: Due to simple and smooth 2d graphics and beautiful tracks, this game is highly addictive to those who like simplicity.

2D Graphics: Due to 2D simple graphics, this game attracts unusual gamers to play with the simplest and most attractive visuals.

Sound: Sound, especially in battle games, is essential. Without sound and music, the game could be boring for the player. But Tank Star gives you great music to enjoy the game.


Havier in Size: This game is 117 Mb, almost in size and requires 5.0 Android to play fluently.

Hanging: You must care about the device level. If you have a Low-end device, then this game can mess up with your device/gadget due to high files of Tank Star Mod Apk.

How to Download Tank Star Mod APK

  • You can start Tank Stars Mod APK with the link below our website.
  • And then, you need to allow Tank Stars Mod APK installation on your device because it belongs to a third-party website.
  • So, to allow Tank Stars Mod APK installation, you need to open up your phone’s security settings.
  • And then, you can get access to the unknown sources option by scrolling down the screen.
  • After that, you can check if the Tank Stars Mod APK Unlimited Money is completed and start the installation.
  • When your Tank Stars Mod APK Unlimited Money installation is in progress, you will receive some instructions which you need to follow.
  • After doing all the above-given steps, you will get Tank Stars Mod APK Unlimited Money installed on your devices.


In Tank Stars Online, you have a platform where you can perform some solo action of firing and launching missiles through the tanks. This game is based on the battlefield of tanks. If you are interested in the game of tanks, so this game is for you, don’t waste time. Go and install Tank Stars Online.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Q 1: Can we get Master Tank Mod with the guarantee of any safety measures?

Ans: Yes, you can get a hack of Master Tank Mod to guarantee all the safety measures needed for any of your Android phones.

Q 2: How much money will we get in the mod version of the Tank Stars Aimbot?

Ans: In the mod version of Tank Stars Aimbot, you will get unlimited money to get as many live streams as possible.

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