Toca World Mod Apk 2022 Latest Version (Mod, Unlocked All)

There are so many simulation apps which educate children along with fun. These applications provide social learning while playing an online video game. Among these valuable apps, Toca Boca mod is one of the best educational games for children of age three to age thirteen. And Toca World MOD APK is a sequel of the Toca Boca, a worldwide famous game.

In addition to this, the game makers have made the unique design of combining all previous game modes and projects in the latest Toca Boca mod apk. Moreover, the user can create their world of the game in the Toca life world online with multiple projects and prominent features. Creating your character with so many different features, plus getting the freedom to do anything in the gameplay, are super compelling characters of Toca World MOD APK. You may also check Party in My Dorm Mod Apk.

Toca World Mod Apk
Toca World Mod Apk


Application NameToca World Mod Apk

Toca World Mod Apk Gameplay


Do you want to choose your favourite skateboard and go on adventurous skating? Or do you want to cook some innovative food dishes? Or do you want to buy new furniture for a house? You can do all of them along with so many other things. Toca world MOD APK is a crazy fun game where you can do any crazy something you want to do.

Children learn better if they are enjoying what they are learning. Similarly, the game design of Toca life world is unique and peculiar in this regard, and it has modes to provide some social education in the game. There are different cartoon characters which the player has to use while playing Toca Boca and building a world of fun. These cartoon designs are so catchy to children, and so is the fantastic plot of Toca world mod apk new update.

Moreover the different projects are here to entertain; Toca world MOD APK has provided children with a free world of entertainment. The gameplay aims to offer children a funny, creative, healthy platform with the fantastic Toca world life series.

Toca World Features

Toca life world has many exciting and fun features for children. The game of toca world is all about exploring the world, building your favourite character, and doing all the fun jobs that intrigue you. The list of these exciting features is here:

Explore Different Locations

Explore Different Locations
Explore Different Locations

In the big world of toca life: world download, you explore different cities. You can adopt any character you want to play. In other cities, gameplays are in shopping malls, food courts, and many apartments. You can explore as many places as you want in toca life.

Buy Different Characters And Places

the best thing about Toca’s life’s world is the freedom to buy and create any character you want. In the latest Toca World MOD APK, you have to opportunity to create your own story with any character of your choice at any desired place. Do you want to go to the beach with friends? This game opens up a whole world of adventure and exploration for a child.

Got Gift At Every Login

Install the application of toca life-world: build stories mod apk torrent. The app of toca world needs to sign up details. The more times you open toca the life world, the more rewards you can collect.

Extra Weekly Rewards

Moreover, exclusive gifts for its users weekly engage the player in the massive world of wonders of Toca Boca mod apk 2022. Isn’t cool? You don’t have to spend money on purchasing, and you get it free in Toca World MOD APK.

Cute Graphics


The graphic designs are so colourful and attractive for children in Toca World MOD APK. There are many cute 2d cartoons, characters and plots in the gameplay of Toca World MOD APK.

Easy Interface

The game Toca World MOD APK has a easy interface and controls so children can handle it without any assistance.

Toca World Mod Apk Features

In the toca Boca mod apk, you unlock all premium features with no money. And the new projects in the Toca World MOD APK, you got the following extra MOD features:

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlock all projects
  • Unlock various characters, tools and places
  • Unlock premium version
  • Unlock maps Unlock furniture
  • No-root needed

Version History

  • Latest version: 1.46
  • Previous version: 1.44
  • Old version: 1.30

How to install Toca World Mod Apk

The original version of Toca life World is available on Google Playstore. However, to download the latest Toca World MOD APK, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the download link of Toca Boca free download apk
  • The apk file of Toca World MOD APK starts downloading
  • Go to the mobile setting and enable permission to download from “Unknown Sources.”
  • Install Toca World MOD APK
  • Open the Toca life world and enjoy!

Our Experience with Toca World Mod Apk

The latest version of toca world is impressive, especially the furniture feature. Now I can pick up and buy furniture. Thank you for adding this furniture feature to toca world. The game is so relaxing, and I love to play it daily. I am giving my 10/10 to Toca World MOD APK.


Here is all about Toca World MOD APK and its exciting world stories. If you want to explore a new fun world of excitement and thrill, this toca life world is for you. Create real entertaining stories, build a world, create or choose your cartoon and many more. Hurry up and go download the Toca World MOD APK from our link for unlimited gifts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I unlock all places in the toca world’s latest update?

Yes, you can download all places in the modded version of the Toca world life mod apk. These are free to unlock with other premium features.

Can I play Toca World MOD APK offline?

Yes, you can Toca World MOD APK offline. However, playing online can give you extra rewards in the mod version of Toca Boca.

How do I play all the gameplay of the Toca Boca game?

If you want to play all modes and unlock premium gameplay, you need to download Toca World MOD APK. The link to download this new update of Toca World MOD APK is available on our website.

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