UnLockMyTV APK v2.1.2 Latest Version

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UnLockMyTV v2.1.2 APK Full Version [Unlocked]

UnlockMyTV Full Version

UnLockMyTV APK is a video streaming application. It is just like Netflix. You can stream for thousand of movies. It is virus free application. You can watch your favorite TV shows and movies there. It is a wonderful application software that can fulfill the needs of its users. The interface of this application is designed so beautifully. UnlockMyTV APK is developed by Ellis Online. You can use VPN to download the video. This application has  list of TV shows and movies. You can mark the video as favorite. You can see the history easily.

If you want to watch any movie again you can easily get it from the history. You can mark your favorite videos on calendar. There is a separate option of downloads. In which all the downloading and downloaded videos are available. You can get access to the any channel. Whether it is national or international. You can search it in search bar and the whole list of TV shows of that channel will appear in front of you. Also, You can enjoy the most exclusive content very easily. You can get access to all recently released movies and shows.

This application is 100% legal and safe to use. Watching movie is our best activity. But it’s not that much easy as it seems. You have to search for hours for the exact and accurate results. You can get save yourself from searching for hours. It facilitate you with the ease of search. It is a platform on which you can get any type of content released in the work till date. All you have to  do is just enter the exact spelling of the show or movie.  There are many more features in this application. Let’s have a look at them.

Overview Information:

App Name:UnlockMyTV APK
Publisher:Ellis Online
Requires:Android 5+
Available At:APKBattle.com

Advanced Features of UnLockMyTV APK:

  • You can gain access to all the newly released and old content.
  • You can watch it in original language.
  • Or you can also watch it in some other language.
  • You can add subtitles in any language.
  • The interface if this application is very simple and interactive.
  • All the movies you watch are saving to your history.
  • You can get access to them again easily.
  • That can save your time.
  • Sometimes you search something but you don’t watch. It is saved to your search
  • The movie you watch or the show it has Complete description about the movie.
  • The audio and video quality of the content is outstanding.
  • You can watch the video in any quality.
  • Download the video and enjoy it in future.
  • You can enjoy the videos offline.
UnlockMyTV APK Free Download

New Updated Fearutes in UnLockMyTV APK v2.1.2:

In this latest version:

  • Now it notifies you when any new release movie or show is out published.
  • This is well-known for it’s fast speed and accuracy.
  • There is a calendar which tells you the date of release of the movie or show.
  • All the other bugs are fixed now.
  • Help center respond more quickly.
  • Interface of the application is improved.
  • Other adjustments are made.
  • Now this application work on artificial intelligence.


  • It is a best video streaming application.
  • You get the original content here.
  • It is compatible with windows and Android devices.
  • The reviews of the public are very positive.
  • It can develop your interest in watching movies online.
  • You can watch it on smartphones, tablets, LCDs, consoles etc.
  • Another advantage is that it is easily available on Google store.
  • It offers you the premium content for it’s users.

Why is UnLockMyTV better than others?

It is a movie and TV show bank. It has a lot of features. You can watch all type of content including animated movies and dramas. You can watch all the seasons and episode of favorite drama serials. All the content is just a click away. It also categorize the content into romantic, action, comedy, drama. You can select any random movie or show from these category. That’s why it is better than others in the market.

Easy to installIt is a heavy application that require much space of your desktop and mobile phone
It is easy to navigateThe installation process take some time
Gives fast and accurate results
Keeps you up to date with trending shows
All the western and non western content is available
All the content is available for free
Suitable application for all age groups
Mystery, documentary, comedy, all types of videos are available

Download UnLockMyTV APK For Android:

To conclude my recommendations I must say that you don’t get bored with this application. You can search the content on it and enjoy it. You can select the video and download it. This provides you the best streaming speed. When you search for something if gives you related results. If you want to watch a movie of some other year. You can search it by entering yearn it is based on artificial intelligence. It suggests you the movies according to your taste. This application observes your searching and watching behavior.

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