Whats Tracker APK Latest Version v3.1.0 (Unlocked All)

Are you curious about who is checking on your Whatsapp profile? If Yes, then you are on correct platform.

Whats Tracker APK is a practical application that helps the user to keep a check on Whatsapp profile visits. It’s a valuable tool for users who have been curious about their secret profile visitors. This app, Whats Tracker APK, works to kill your curiosity and provides you that information as well as this app allows you to track your Whatsapp contact’s location. This app also acts as a safety tool for its users. If you want to reach and track the location of your friend, is she safely reached home or not? The app actually helps you to track anyone’s location you want. The Whats Tracker APK is entirely safe for Whatsapp users. Whats Tracker APK is a multi-functional application that assists its users in many ways. Moreover, it is simple to use and has a user-friendly interface, so you don’t need to be worried about its usefulness.

There are a lot of applications that work as spies and keeping records. The application Whats Tracker APK works on both. It plays the role of spying on who has been visiting your profile and keeping track. Isn’t interesting?

Along with this, another great tool is to find your contacts on maps. This app’s straightforward approach helps the user learn the basics quickly. This application is designed to make it more useful by minimizing its complications. In its latest update, lots of features are updated. However, this app may share data with a third party for the transit period. You can also try Greenify Pro APK.


Whats Tracker APK App Features

Easy to use:

The Whats Tracker Mod APK is easy to use by its users. It requires minimum time to know how this app works. Along with this, only a few clicks and opening a few tabs make this app work.

User friendly

Whats Tracker Mod APK has a user-friendly interface that is useful for everyone. Its interface is accessible and easy to deal with. This function makes it more worthy for its users.


It provides a platform for multi-functions. WhatsTracker, a user can track location, check profile visitors, keep track of whose profiles have been visited recently, and many more.

Location tracker

The best feature of the Whats Tracker is the location tracker. One can check the whereabouts of his or her contacts. It acts as a safety tool as well. It makes tracking someone’s location so easy and accessible.

Find profiles

Now the users can find someone’s profile even if he or she is not in contact. Simply by putting their numbers let, you see their profile.

Profile visitors

The most common use of the Free WhatsApp Tracker APKis enabling its users to keep an eye on its WhatsApp profile visits. Now checking who has been opening up your profile is accessible by using the Whats Tracker mod apk. It provides complete details of your contacts who keep visiting your Whatsapp profile.

Direct chat

If they are not in your contact, you can still chat with them with the “direct chat” feature of Free WhatsApp Tracker APK.

Restore deleted chats

Everyone finds themselves curious about deleted chats and messages. The app Whats Tracker mod apk makes it easier to restore deleted messages and chats.

Theme changer

Now you can choose the theme of your own choice. The Whats Tracker mod apk has this feature to facilitate its users.

What’s New in Whats Tracker apk:

Whats Tracker mod apk is a solution for lots of WhatsApp-associated queries. It can support both versions of WhatsApp; essential and business WhatsApp. Whats tracker’s old version deals with location and profile visits features, but the latest updates save status problem is resolved. Free Whatsapp tracker apk has now solved minor issues, and it is free from viruses.


To download whats tracker, you have to go to google in your androids. Search Whats Tracker apk. The latest version is available there. You can click to download. The file started downloading. Free Whatsapp tracker apk is available. Allowing third-party authorization will actually allow you to install any app you want. Giving them permission allow you to use the WhatsApp tracker apk download. In-app purchases are also available.

The Version History:

Latest Version: 2.7 (APK)

Previous Version:  (2.6 APK)

Old Version: 2.4 (XAPK APKs)


Whatsapp tracker is made to assist its users in a simple and approachable way. It is a unique tool designed to check the secret visitors of your WhatsApp profiles and WhatsApp contact list, track the location of your contacts, and whose profiles one has viewed recently. It is an excellent tool for dealing with various functions. Whatstracker is a multi-tasking tool.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Who viewed my Whatsapp tracker?

Ans: Whatsapp tracker can check who has been visiting your profile, and this application also has a feature to track down the record of secret visitors.

What is the WhatsApp Tracker APK Download last seen?

Ans: WhatsApp Tracker APK Download last seen is a perfect tool where you can keep an eye over someone’s online and offline status. Whether the person is on your contact list or not, you can check the duration in which they are online and go offline.

Is the data saved?

Ans: Yes, data is safe. The data is not deleted. Your data is encrypted for transit.


This app seems like it takes random contacts and lists them as visitors. Some of my contacts do not have me as a contact, yet they show as profile visitors. And contacts like a furniture removal company I used years ago are visiting my profile. Highly unlikely and not believable! It makes you wait 24 hours for each update to top it off

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