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Wildscapes MOD APK

Animal lover much? Well, if you are an animal lover then this is the Wildscapes MOD APK perfect game for you. You will be creating an animal zoo with all the perfect and cute animals by solving little puzzles that will ultimately help you make sure that you get the best animals in your Zoo. The game centers around making a zoo with animal-friendly enclosures and making other attractions like fountains and cafés so that more and more visitors will visit your Zoo and enjoy looking at your animals. You can learn about all the new kinds of species from across the world and enjoy making them part of the animal family at your zoo. You will level up as you develop your Zoo more and more and with time your Zoo will attract more customers bringing in more and more coins. You can also try Bloons TD 6 APK.

Wildscapes Mod Apk
Wildscapes Mod Apk


Application NameWildscapes Mod Apk

Wildscapes MOD APK Gameplay


You can enjoy a variety of different features on this game. Not only will you be able to bat match-3 levels and restore the Zoo but you can play puzzles to match the juicy and fruity items to make sure that you complete the tasks and get the best experience. As you play more puzzles and play more games you will unlock more areas and ultimately you will get a chance to get much better space and much better species at your Zoo to attract more customers. You can buy new and unique objects and decorate your Zoo much better to make it look unique and amazing to attract many more customers. You can power up the gameplay with power boosters and animal boosters. You can serve the Zoo visitors and complete the different tasks to make sure that they get the best experience and you can level up faster by doing so as well.

Features of the Wildscapes MOD APK



You can acquire and fill your zoo with interesting animals and different species from across the world so that you will have a much better chance at making sure that your Zoo animals get the perfect enclosures and the best of the best animals will attract more customers.



You can add new items to your Zoo and make sure that you get more and more customers as the attractions in your zoo keep on increasing and more people want to enjoy your zoo experience.


Basically, the main feature of this application is to solve puzzles to get more animals and unlock more parts of your zoo that you will then fill up with more animals. You want to make sure that you serve the customers who visit your zoo with little tasks so that they will help you level up with boosts and coins.

Tips to use

  • You can get three stars in each level by making sure that you complete the puzzles with minimum moves. The lesser moves you use the more efficient your strategy is and that much more effective ultimately will be your level
  • Try to leave as many power-ups on board as you possibly can and you must also try to bring them together for a combo
  • When you finish a level all the power-ups will remain on board and be activated automatically on board
  • You will have to match most power-ups with pieces of the same color to activate them except the candy power-up that does not need to be matched to a similar color
  • Match 4 of the same colors in a line to get a can of soda and then match the can with the pieces of the same color to clear a row and column
  • You can match the 5 colors of the same color in an L or T shape to get a bag of chips

Highlight the Wildscapes MOD APK

With the MOD version there is so many more features that will be available for you to take advantage of and moreover there will be a lot of things that will be unlocked and ready for you to use so that you can get the best of the best in the game. You can win more games and ultimately get more coins and more customers in MOD APK version with free resources at your disposal.

Wildscapes MOD APK Features



There will be no ads that will be interrupting your game so you can enjoy the game much more with less interruptions and you won’t need to look at these ads since you will not need to coins either.


Majority of the resources ill be unlocked for you so that you can enjoy your experience to the maximum extend

Wildscapes MOD APK Download Guide

Wildscapes MOD APK

Frequently Asked Question

[su_icon_text icon=”icon: hand-o-right” icon_color=”#81d742″]Is wildscapes mod apk free? [su_spacer size=”8″] Yes, it is completely free and easy to download using the external resources that you will find online. [/su_icon_text] [su_icon_text icon=”icon: hand-o-right” icon_color=”#81d742″]Is wildscapes MOD APK safe? [su_spacer size=”8″] Yes, it is safe and absolutely virus-free with minimum malware contraction so that your device and its data will be safe no matter where you download the game from [/su_icon_text] [su_icon_text icon=”icon: hand-o-right” icon_color=”#81d742″]Can I get unlimited coins on Wildscapes? [su_spacer size=”8″] Yes, with the MOD APK version you will get unlimited resources that you can use [/su_icon_text] [su_icon_text icon=”icon: hand-o-right” icon_color=”#81d742″]How many levels are there in Wildscapes? [su_spacer size=”8″] There are about 100 levels that you can conquer in wildscapes. [/su_icon_text]


Wildscapes MOD APK is a unique game that offers you a unique way of not just filling up your zoo with unique creatures but also attracting the audience to view these species. With the MOD APK version you will have many more features that will be unlocked for you and you can take advantage of these features.

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