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YouTube Premium APK

YouTube premium APK is a modified version of YouTube. It is developed by RaddixCore. I don’t think there is any need to introduce YouTube. But if anyone is new here. YouTube is a video streaming application. It can be run on mobiles and desktops.  It is used to gain knowledge, entertainment, cooking recipes, blogs, vlogs, all the latest news. You can search for whatever you want. It is the most demanding application.

YouTube Premium APK

Now people ask what is the use of this application if YouTube is used all over the world. Basically it’s a hack of YouTube. It is similar to YouTube. The user may not face any difficulty to use it.  But if has many more features. Like have you ever imagined to play the video in background, Ad-free video playing, video intros, logos, outros, channel banners, thumbnails, YouTube templates etc. If your answer is no then you should download this modified version. You’ll be able to do all these things. It allows the user to download the video directly without any copy pasting of link. In short this is the hacked version to perform all the activities that one want to do. It also offer the dark mode.

Once you download this application you will enjoy it definitely. It is also called Youtube Premium Mod APK. Also, It also has a forked version for Android users. It is trustworthy application and it really safe to use. While, It is hacked version it doesn’t mean that it has any harmful virus. Its 100% safe to use. The accurate link to download this version is available on the official website of this application. The list of features do not end here. There are many more features. Let’s have a look at them. You can also try VideoShow MOD APK.

YouTube Premium APK Features

  • This is a trustworthy application.
  • Various Antivirus software has verified this application.
  • It is similar to the original YouTube.
  • But has some advanced features in it.
  • The main genre of this application is to entertain people.
  • It can be installed on desktop and mobiles.
  • It is an all-rounder video streaming application.
  • You can play the video in the background and do some other tasks.
  • It provides you ad-free video streaming.
  • No pop-up ads and no interruptions of the ad in between the video.
  • No other software is required to download the video.
  • You can download it directly from this application.
  • You can add the short screen of the video in the background.
  • And you can also minimize the window. By, in that case, audio is hearable to you.
  • It works as YouTube completely.
  • The original YouTube user does not face any problem using it.

YouTube Premium APK

YouTube Premium APK is a much more Demanding App Now. Do you know anyone who does not know about Youtube Premium Mod APK? To my experience, very rare are there who are not aware of Youtube Hack APK. I do not think that I should introduce you to Youtube exactly yes here I will give a direct download link of which is also named Youtube MOD APK and I will describe it thoroughly and its unique features.

YouTube Premium APK Features

  • No Ads
  • Play In Background
  • Livestream with fans
  • Content discovery
  • Video sharing community
  • Watch offline

YouTube Download Guide

YouTube Premium APK

Frequently Asked Question

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Why is Youtube Premium APK better than others?

YouTube premium APK is a wonderful application to enjoy the video watching to the next level. The features that are introduced by this application are not available in other applications. When you download the hack version of some other application it’s illegal to use. But there is no such problem with this application. It’s verified and it’s malware free. Other applications required personal information to get login to hack the users device and data. but this application do not require any personal information. That’s why it is better than others in the market.



  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • The interface is quite simple
  • You can use it in dark mode
  • Ease of use is focused on this application
  • Direct downloading of the video is only available in this application
  • It is a subscription-based premium service.
  • It has a pop-up video box
  • You can enable and disable the Notation cards
  • You can also download the original YouTube and this application together


  • It’s against the laws of YouTube
  • It’s illegal to use
  • It little bit heavier than the original one


To conclude my recommendations I must say that the features that are introduced in this application are demanding for a long time. Finally, YouTube Vanced introduced this application for the ease of its users. This is downloaded from its website. This is tested and Verified by emulators. It provides you the internet-based music, googles assistance integration, equalizer, and much more.

It is safe to use and YouTube Premium APK to look and work exactly like YouTube with some added features. Has 43,000 instant templates. Mockups, logos, designs. It is all in one solution package.

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